Richard Bernardino, co-Founder

Bernardino, Richard

M.S. Computer Science San Diego State University


The following great folks have been kind enough to contribute their time and efforts to the Orchidware Studios. The Orchidware Studios also is grateful to all those not listed here that also contributed to the company.

Julie Joohee Jeon, Music Composer

Julie Joohee Jeon is a professional and versatile composer, singer-songwriter, music director and instrumentalist who creates music for film, multimedia and musical theatre. She writes and performs in a wide range of musical genres including classical orchestral, jazz, rock, pop, and electronic music. Julie has achieved a Master of Music in Scoring for Film and Multimedia at New York University. She has composed music for numbers of musicals, films, animations, documentaries, trailers, web series, dance, advertisements, and more. Many of her works were selected and premiered at festivals and venues all around the world. Web Site Email:  

Ashley Foote, Artist

Foote, Ashley

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, minor in Psychology. Passionate, dedicated, detail-oriented, self-starter. Web Site

Robert Harrison, Quality Assurance (Windows)


Robert was an M.S. student who studied Applied Math at San Diego State University. He has a B.A. in Math from the University of California, Davis.

Robert collaborates with software projects as a technical writer and tester. He also writes manuals for devices on iFixit.

Robert worked with the Orchidware Studios to produce Orchi’s Isle, Part 0. He learned more about the software development process and expanded into automated testing and build/release engineering.