The Orchidware Studios’ mission is to make software to help you learn faster, more efficiently, and in an entertaining manner while also using the software development process to teach concepts in Software Engineering and related sciences and disciplines.


The Orchidware Project is dedicated to maintaining the fun and innocence of the art of programming. Contributors enjoy learning, programming, sharing their knowledge and experience with others, and because they want to give back. Members contribute because they enjoy programming and building fun, innovative, and elegant software for others to use and enjoy.


The Orchidware Studios LLC is a start-up technology company started in California in 2016.  Since our inception, our development has been completely dependent on non-paid volunteers.  Our primary business goal, at this time, is to be able to recruit talent so that we can produce fun, innovative, elegant, and high-quality games and software to you.
We are actively seeking financial support.  Please contact if you would like to support our mission with a financial gift.